This article is intended to clarify our privacy policy towards our users (people who install and use our game, Sofrechi) and has been updated on 9/2/2022.

·   Our application

Our application is a cooking simulation videogame called Sofrechi and is published with this package name “” for Android devices.

·   Why do we need your information?

In order to improve Sofrechi and provide services to our users, we need to collect some information of our users and the way they use our applications. This way, we can understand our users’ needs better and make proper decisions when developing and updating Sofrechi.

·   What information do we collect?

By “collecting” information, we mean transferring users’ data from their device onto our servers or third-party services (We have provided links to them in the next section of this article).

  1. Information that users enter in the application; e.g., username and phone number. Note that this information is optional but helps with in-app features and customer support.
  1. Information that is collected while using the app; e.g., Play-time, the number of sessions playing the game, players’ progression, and information regarding in-app purchases. Note that we do not keep our users’ bank account info (like card number) but we keep information like transaction amount, transaction time, and user id (in Sofrechi) in order to provide customer support and to use in our data analysis. Collecting this information is mandatory and cannot be turned off by our users.
  1. Information regarding users’ device; e.g., device type, hardware info, operating system, and device id. This information is mandatory since it’s required for providing features of the game to our users.

·   How do we use this information?

We use the collected information in order to improve Sofrechi and to provide services and customer support to our users.

·   Safety and security of the collected data

Part of the collected information is kept on our servers which we protect by keeping security measures in mind while developing Sofrechi. We also leverage third-party SDKs and services to show ads to our users in Sofrechi (Like Adivery ads service) and to collect and analyze the information previously mentioned (Like Game Analytics).

·   Contact Us

You may contact us via for more information. Our customer support team is available by @sofer_chi on Instagram and @baloot_game on Telegram.