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Who We Are

We love making video-games and aspire to bring our vision to reality: high quality indie-games. We started back in 2018 and, ever since then, have managed to entertain millions of users in our local mobile market. We’re always looking for new opportunities and recently pushed our products to global markets on Google Play and Microsoft Windows Store.

Our Games

Cooking Time / 2023

We decided to bring our experience in simulation cooking games to the global market, starting with a release on Microsoft Windows Store. With high quality visuals and an addictive gameplay, we managed to gain favorable reviews. We continue to bring new content focused on various food cultures and in-game events

به وقت آشپزی

Sarashpaz / 2023

Sarashpaz is our latest endeavor in building an online real-time competitive game. Currently in its soft-launch phase, we plan to make a success out of it through rich localized content and exciting competition seasons

Sofrechi / 2018

It all started with Sofrechi, our first cooking simulation game in 2018. It became an immediate success with 500K downloads in its first week’s release and, through our continued support & updates centered around rich localized content, it has reached more than 5M downloads across local mobile stores

سفره چی

Our Team

Meet our talented team! From engineers to art-specialists to management, we share a passion for video games, and love learning new things across relative disciplines involved in game development
we are 13 person now

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We love to hear from you, be it feedback or a collaboration offer. Feel free to get in touch via